Sunday, December 18, 2011

The 18th Day of Kindness

For our 18th day of kindness, I would like to focus again on being kind to yourself. I really believe the importance of  this cannot be underestimated. Too many of the cruelties that exist in our world come from a lack of self acceptance that is externalized. This can run the gamut from catty judgements to murder. When we don't accept and love ourselves, we cannot truly accept and love others for who they are.

So on that note of promoting self-kindness, I wanted to share a website with you that's called Love Yourself. Here is what the website is about:

Have you ever felt alone? Worthless? Irrelevant? YOU'RE NOT. Instead of focusing on all of the negative things in our lives, why not embrace the positives? Knowing that's easier said than done, that's what the WeStopHate LoveYourself blog is all about. 

Write a letter to yourself - and there's only one rule: You can't say anything negative about yourself. Write why you're proud of yourself, why you're beautiful. Talk about all the traits that you love and why you're you! Dig deep! Tell yourself all the things you wish someone had told you. Sometime we all need to be told we're worth it - and what better person to tell you that you're worth it than yourself? You mean something. You're better than the best. The bee's knees and the cat's meow. Now, go write yourself a letter.

I have struggled with self-acceptance all my life, and I love the idea of this site. 

Hope you are having a beautiful way, and that a little kindness comes your way.


  1. such a beautiful site.. i so believe in this.. I'm with you. I"ve struggled with that my whole life too. xo hugs