Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The 7th day of Christmas Kindness

Welcome to day 7 of our Kind Acts Advent Calendar!

Today's art piece is a photo of an ice formation, manipulated in Photoshop.

And for your Kind Act today, from the People4Good iPhone App:

Clean out your closet and donate your old clothes.

Today I am finishing the great toy clean-out with Gabe. My girlfriend gave me the idea, and together we have asked our 4-year old boys to go through their toys and choose some to donate to our local charity gift shop, so that other kids will get to enjoy them this Christmas. I sat down last week to get started with Gabe, thinking that this would be an excercise in frustration. But he surprised me by making a very honest and accurate assessment of which toys he did and did not play with. And within 30 minutes, we had two bags of toys to donate, and onother bag of broken toys to dispose of. I love that my house gets de-cluttered, and he has room now for the influx of Christmas gifts. Not only that, but then my husband got in the act, and went through his DVD collection and did the same. So I am happy, because I love a clutter-free home, and both the guys in my life feel good about what they have accomplished. Total win!

Hope you are having a beautiful day! May a little kindness come your way.

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  1. I'm really loving your "kind acts." Might just help me get in order for the new year!