Monday, February 6, 2012

Postcard from Maui

Here's a little postcard from my recent trip to Maui, for Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. I layered the photo with Kim's Edward texture.

I'll upload some more images later in the week. In the meantime, here is a quote that I have seen pop up in Pinterest lately that really resonates with me:

I just want to make beautiful things
even if nobody cares.

I love the power in this. The idea that we are freeing ourselves from expected outcomes, and just rejoicing in the creative impulse for our own pleasure. I believe that all truly powerful art comes from this place, of not caring what others will think, but being true to your own desires and impulses.

How about you? What does this quote say to you?


  1. Love this quote too! It says a lot to me. That it does matter when we do something when no one is looking!

    The photo is beautiful!

  2. Nicely the quote. A quiet reminder that you can do things just for yourself.

  3. First - LOVE your entry! Great processing, lovely colors :)
    Second - I'm on Pinterest, but must have missed that quote somehow... It truly speaks to my heart, because that is what I do - make things that are beautiful to *me* regardless of what others may think. BUT... it's my hope that what blesses me and touches my spirit may also resonate with others who view them, too.

  4. So the color!