Monday, July 23, 2012

Papergirl Vancouver

I am so excited to have one of my artwords included in the fabulous Papergirl Exhibit currently on at the Roundhouse in Vancouver. I love the philosophy of this event, so when my friend Melanie told me about it, I thought I could drag myself out of my Mommy-of-a-newborn fog to contribute a piece to it. I cracked open my sketchbook, and found a piece that was almost done, it just needed a bit of text to complete it.

Sorry for the crappy image. You can click on it to see the full version on my Instagram stream.

So about Papergirl, here is the info on the exhibit, from their website:

Papergirl is an inclusive, non-commercial art project that welcomes artists of all ages & abilities to donate their work to be donated to community members.
Art should be accessible to everyone! That is the spirit behind Papergirl, the pedal-powered and volunteer ridden project that combines art, philanthropy, and bikes!

A redefinition of street art, Papergirls volunteer cyclists criss cross the city delivering art directly into the hands of perfect strangers. From July 24 to 27, the Roundhouse Community Center will display an assortment of donated artworks before the art is bundled up and given away on the street. It’s the art of giving away art.
I love the spirit of giving that is behind this event. If you get a chance, head into Vancouver and check it out!
Hope you have a beautiful day :)

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