Wednesday, August 1, 2012

taking flight

I'm not sure if this one is done yet. It seems like
it needs a bit more, but I'm not sure how to proceed.
I can wait. When the time is right,
I'll know what to do next.
Sometimes waiting is needed before
we can take flight.
I'm ok with that.

Here is the focus of my days right now:

It's amazing how this little man has
become part of our family.
In his short two months on earth
he has captured all our hearts.
My favourite moments are when his
big brother says
"I love you, Gavin."
That just about makes my heart burst.

After all the pain (and more pain and more pain)
it is all worth it now, to have him here.
(That said, I am so glad I am not doing that again ;)

Finding time for art is tricky right now.
Most days I am happy if I can just
get dinner made.
It's all part of that waiting.

But I know that even these fallow times
have value in our creative process.

There will be time again for art soon enough.

In the meantime, I am taking great joy in
holding my baby in my arms and sitting in
my rocking chair, watching episode after episode
of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix.

What is bringing you joy right now?


  1. What a sweet little man, Joelle. Yes, all can wait while you enjoy these precious moments. And I agree, how fulfilling to hear the older brother express is love. Just wait. They will have their moments! LOL So enjoy the sweetness now.

    I love you musings, and you art.

  2. He is beautiful. I know you are happy it's over and he's finally here!