Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Step by Step, Part 1

I am working on a new painting, which feels like a real break through moment for me. I am really excited about how it is progressing, and wanted to share that with you. So for the first time I am showing a step-by step of my painting process.

Random bits of tissue paper are attached with gel medium.
I wrote out the quote "I feel a nameless sadness oer me roll",
The ugly phase! Thanks Juliette Crane for helping me get comfortable with this part.
Start over with an entire new colour palette, much happier now! Add some stencils & drips.
Add more drips and some swirly bubbles and I could leave it here as an abstract piece quite happily.
And that is my background done. The lessons for me in this part of the painting were to move quickly, not over-think the process, and to trust that the ugly phase is just temporary ;)

In part two I will show you my first two-headed princess monster!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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