Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday: The Vacation Edition

I'm back! And I am finally over the jet lag enough to somewhat gather my thoughts!

I have so many moments from our vacation to Sweden and Denmark to be thankful for, but today I wanted to focus on one. My brother's girlfriend Linda and I went out for a girls afternoon of shopping and lunch in the little seaside town of Hollviken. The baby obligingly napped in his stroller while I tried on clothes and continued to sleep through most of lunch (a minor miracle!) I just had to show you some pictures of Martas Kafe & Butik, in Hollviken, Sweden. It was  like a beautiful dream, sitting there in the shade sipping wine and talking with a good friend about life and all the little things.

This is where we sat and ate lunch. I had the most amazing baked potato with shrimp. Still dreaming about it!

Hello wine!

Don't you just want to settle in for the afternoon?

Ok I know I said I was going to share one moment, but I do have to share one more.

Our first morning in Sweden, discombobulated by the time change, Gabe came in and woke me up before the sun was up. In this strange place and with his body clock totally confused, he couldn't sleep. So I curled up in bed with him and listened to him talk as we slowly watched the sky lighten. Just as the sun came fully up, he fell back asleep. And I realized that it had been a long time since he and I had really connected, and how happy I was to lie there next to him, with his warm body curled against mine.

I would love to hear about your favourite summer vacation moments!

What are you thankful for?