Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas Comfort

Guest post by Kathleen Tennant

Some thoughts on being kinder to ourselves and others over the holidays...

I personally find it astonishing that we need a movement to be kind.  I am pretty sure 90% of the human population was taught or will teach our children to be kind; our children then grow up and become adults who, in theory should be kind, right?  Life has shown us this isn't so.  Some people are very unkind.   What makes someone act in unkind ways is often a mystery to those on the receiving end but slinging unkind back is never the answer; even if sometimes is feels good in the moment. Unkindness should be met with compassion.  What if the person being unkind has never been met with kindness, or alternatively feels threatened by it.  Kindness is an extension of love and being kind is sometimes hard for someone who is hurting.   The outer shell shows one thing but our inner beings are shielded.  

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Being kind doesn't have to cost money.  Being kind is truly as simple as a gesture of smiling, holding the door open for someone who has his or her hands full or actively listening when someone is talking.  Being kind doesn't have to be showy; in fact it should just be done, without thinking as part of human nature. Being kind is being compassionate.  I believe in order for people to understand kindness they need to see acts of kindness happening.  As a society rather than buying the person Starbucks behind you (which is awesome) how about modeling every day kindness by simply noticing what is around you.  Does someone seem down?  Offer a smile.  Is your friend hurting? Offer to listen or better yet, ask what they need to make them feel better and be prepared to actually hear their needs.  A genuine act of kindness has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the recipient.  A simple act of kindness is an extension of love...

Kathleen Tennant is a mixed media artist who
loves the way torn papers mesh with paints
and inks. Her work is full of colour and texture,
which represents life as she sees it, torn edges
and all.
Her art’s purpose is to inspire people to focus
on life’s positives and toss their worries to the
wind. Kathleen’s art is reproduced on a variety
of products varying from her own line of
stationary products to home decor, phone
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