Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Comfort

Welcome back to our exploration of how we can be a little kinder and gentler with ourselves and each other over the holidays this year. If you read yesterday's post you know that I am a recovering perfectionist and control freak. Yes, it's true. Some of you reading might be familiar with this problem. I'm going to admit in writing that I'm pretty sure that whatever needs to be done I can do it better than all you all, and therefore I will try to do everything myself because you people are not to be trusted. Don't take it personally, I really do like you. It's just that I want it done MY way. Did you not read yesterday that I made my baby cry because he was messing up my Christmas house decorating? I'm crazy, I'll admit it. And I can look back at several times in my life when I have caused myself and others a great deal of stress because of this little insanity. But in the past few years I have finally started to let go a bit, and realize that I can get more done if I actually ask for help. So it may not be done perfectly, it may not be done the way I would do it, but it gets done. And that's a big step for me.

And so when I came up with the idea for writing these 12 days of Christmas Comfort and started feeling a little over-whelmed by the task that I had set for myself, a crazy thought occurred to me. I could ask for help! I know lots of bloggers, and a few of them might even be willing to write some posts about this. And what do you know, some lovely ladies stepped up to the plate and wrote beautiful, heartfelt posts and sent them to me. They even got their posts written before I had started writing mine. So maybe there is something to be said for this asking for help thing.

Tomorrow will be our first guest post, written by my lovely friend and talented artist, Kathleen Tennant.

Is there something over the holidays that is starting to feel over-whelming to you? Is there someone you could ask for help? Can you let go just a little to make room for that help?

Wishing you all Happy Holidays


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