Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Taught Me Slideshow...

I am working on a side project right now, a little teacher appreciation slide show. And I really shouldn't be taking anything else on right now I know, I am in the middle of writing a children's ABC book and am down to the last 4 paintings. I have a huge amount of work ahead of me in layout, production and promotion. But I just had to do this right now.

I am so deeply saddened by the state of our school system in British Columbia, and the disrespectful way our government has treated our teachers. I don't understand how our elected officials can ignore a supreme court order. I don't understand why they can't see the bigger picture here, that this is an investment in our future that is so paramount. I don't understand why we have to fight against the people who are supposed to represent us, just so our kids can get a quality public education.

But most of all, I just don't like the negativity of this whole situation. So I wanted to bring a positive voice, one that simultaneously shows how important teachers are, and how much we appreciate them. I know that whenever contract negotiations come up, there can be a lot of criticism of these men and women who work so hard, and that just hurts my heart.

So I wrote a little song, and asked a choir to sing it, and asked people to send in photos like this to accompany it. So far I have 18 images, but I need 40 for the slide show. Almost halfway there!

If you would like to participate in this project, please send your photo to

I will send you a link to the finished project when it is complete.

Have a beautiful day!

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