Monday, October 27, 2014

From Passion to Profit: It's All About Connection

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Women In Business From Passion to Profit conference last week. And first off, I just want to say deep gratitude to everyone involved. There are so many business events that I have attended over the years that just feel, well, smarmy. This event was steeped in authenticity, which was really lovely. The whole theme of the day was about genuine connections.

I wish I could package up the whole day and share it with you, because I think what was said at this event was so relevant, not just to people running a business, but to all of us running our lives. But since I can't do that, I will share my top 3 piece of advice from the day.

#1 Attraction

Brenda MacIntyre got up and spoke about the importance of finding the right relationships. She said "You don't need to attract everyone, you just need to attract the people who are looking for you." And that one really hit me. I think that both in our business relationships and our personal relationships we can get lost in trying to please everyone, and that is such a trap to fall into. I am finding that the more I center myself in my own values and beliefs, the more I follow my bliss, the more I attract the right people for me. I think this can be especially challenging for women, because we are socialized to be pleasers. Standing firm in your beliefs means that not everyone will like what you do, and that can be uncomfortable at first. 

 #2 Success and Failure

"Feel free to tweet about my personal failures, I'm fine with it." joked Kelsey Ramsden. And what I loved about her talk was her acceptance of her failed endeavors, and the amazing way she did not take it personally. And I think that her ability to accept failure also meant that she had a great understanding of success as well. "There is a difference between BEING successful and FEELING successful." Her message spoke so clearly to me about recognizing what our true priorities in life are, and pursuing our goals in a way that is joyful. Achieving "success" at the price of our physical and emotional well-being is not a win. Finding a way to pursue our dreams while still enjoying the journey, that is true success. This is a lesson I keep re-learning every day.

#3 Stories Matter

Christina Rasmussen also had some great advice that applies to all of us. "Remember that every customer has a story inside of them." In trying to get the word out about my book, it has often felt like the ME, ME, ME show. I am thinking about how I can have more of a conversation with people about them, about how the book is relevant for their lives. I want to start a conversation, not drone on in a monologue. Later this week I will be doing just this, as I invite a few of my blogger friends to tell the stories of their inner monsters. Tune in this Wednesday to hear all about that!

Have you learned any lessons lately that made a big impact on you? What is the best lesson on connection that you have learned?

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