Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photo Friday

Once again, I have managed to narrow it down to only one photo this week! Yesterday morning I was cleaning out my fridge and found a half empty champagne bottle. Inspired by Kim Klassen's still lifes, I figured I'd do a tribute to the beautiful fall colours that are abounding right now. I tried adding textures, but it kind of ruined it. Sometimes less is more!

I love the play of light through the glass!

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, so I wanted to share a tradition I have with you. Every year I have a thankfulness activity that I force people to do before they get to eat turkey. I put a slightly different twist on it every year to keep things interesting, but then it gets more challenging to come up with new and exciting projects. This year I found inspiration on Kindness Girl's blog. She had a post about how students had placed tags with kind messages on a tree in the schoolyard to create a kindness tree. I loved that idea, and since I have a little tree shaped card holder on my wall, I figured this would be an easy one to make. So tomorrow I am going to go through my scrapbooking leftovers to make some pretty tags for a thankfulness tree. Next week I'll post a photo for you. What I love about doing this exercise every year is that it shows just how we are all the same. When it comes down to it, we are thankful for friends, family, and home. The rest is really not that important.

So for those of you who are celebrating this weekend, happy Thanksgiving!


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