Monday, December 12, 2011

Letters of Kindness on Day 12

Welcome to the 12th day of Christmas Kindness. I will tell you a secret about me. I like decorating for Christmas more than Christmas itself. Two of my favourite days are the day I decorate my house, and the day we decorate the tree. This time of year it's dark and gloomy, but surrounded by bright colours, sparkles and lights, I feel joyful. Here's a photo from last year's tree:

My beautiful friend and talented artist Bonita Rose has been participating in a beautiful act of kindness that I wanted to share with you today. There is a website called The World Needs More Love Letters, run by Hannah Brechner. Hannah is running the 12 days of Love Letters from December 5-17. Here is what she says about it:

From December 5-17, The World Needs More Love Letters is rolling out its biggest, grandest, love letter writing campaign and we want you to be penning alongside us every step of the way. So pour some egg nog and pull out your most festive stationery, we’ve got letters to write.

We are asking bloggers, campus groups, teams and supporters to commit to a day of love letter writing during the 12 days. When you sign up, you will receive an email on the day you committed to with the love letter request inside. You will then have one week (ONE WEEK!) to script a letter and drop it in the mail to More Love Letters, PO Box 2061, North Haven CT 06473.

Pretty, pretty please… if you commit to a love letter request, please carry it out. We are really trying to make 12 hefty love letter bundles for 12 people who really need it this season. It may sound cliche to say that the bundles won’t be the same without your letter… but hey, it’s true, they really won’t be.

While the 12 days of letter writing campaign is running specifically for the holidays, Hannah runs this site year-round, sending love to people who need to know that someone out there cares. Take a minute to read her story here. It really illustrates that the great power of kindness is not only what you give, but how you are transformed in the giving.

Hope you are having a beautiful day, and a little kindness comes your way.


  1. Hi dearie.. thks for the mention! It is such a great cause.... I think everyone in the world would appreciate a letter of hope, love and encouragement.. everyone could use more of that... it's such a great thing to do! I've been busy writing letter this week and last week... it doesn't take much time... why not bless someone u've never met with comforting and healing words? The world needs more love. We all do. xo hugs

  2. And just so you know.. the twinkling of the lights is always so magical to me too. xo Love it.