Monday, June 17, 2013

Instagram Instant: Sugar & Spice Edition

I told you I would post about the art next! 
But first, here I am on the very windy ferry to Port Townsend:

Note to self: feather earrings not the best plan ;)
My first workshop day was with artist Juliette Crane. I loved Juliette's energy. She is so vibrant and full of joy! Juliette's work is extremely layered, and very loose and free and playful. It is something I have been wanting to try to incorporate in my work, and it really pushed me outside my comfort zone in a good way. At the end of the day, I had this crazy 3-earred bunny creature, with the quote "Trust in dreams, for in them lies the hidden gate to eternity."

Day 2 I had Danielle Daniel. Oh my goodness she is an amazing spirit. She has such a gift for healing through art. This day really broke me wide open in a not very comfortable, but liberating way.  Bat Girl came out on that day.

Day 3 I had Mindy Lacefield as my instructor. Mindy is just incredibly sweet, and so open. She had us do a journalling exercise at the beginning of the day that really helped me break out of my tightly controlled process and allowed me to break out into the freer style I want to express. Mindy taught me the beauty in embracing your own unique style and running with it.

What I got out of this art retreat was so much more than just learning a few new techniques. I really feel like I grew leaps and bounds in my confidence and in my approach to art in this short time. I also felt deeply healed by the experience of being surrounded by an amazing group of women, who were all so incredibly creative and heart-centered.

I wish I could capture in words what it meant to me to attend Sugar & Spice. All I know is that I will look back and see this as a turning point for me, and that more art retreats are definitely in my future!


  1. It's pretty awesome when someone can inspire you to change your process or your perspective on your work, isn't it? Waaay back when I was at Emily Carr, taking a Foundation level course called Creative Process, we were doing just that every day. Trouble is, I was so young & didn't really get it--I'm not sure I profited very much from the course. Maybe I'll have to try a workshop sometime soon now that I'm much older & wiser.

    I stopped by from the Vancouver Mom Top Bloggers--I'll be an ambassador at the event tonight. Will you be there? It'd be great to meet you!

    1. Hi Lisa - Last night is such a blur, I'm not sure if we got to connect! Great party though! I agree that sometimes we are too young to get the benefits of our learning. It has to come at the right time for us, and this came at the perfect time for me when I was open to and ready for that challenge.

  2. You're work is beautiful! Good for you to find such rejuvenation :)

    1. Hi Shauna,
      Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment!