Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh Canada! Join the Party!

It's Canada Day this weekend, and I'll be celebrating along with some lovely artist friends by having a Canada Day Sale in our Etsy stores! We will all be offering the promo code CANADA15 in our stores on Canada Day (July 1) for a 15% discount off anything in our shops.

I am so excited to introduce you to Renee and Nolwenn. I met Renee and Nolwenn at the Sugar & Spice art retreat in Port Townsend. There was a great representation of Canadians at the retreat, and we all bonded over an amazing weekend. But let me show you some of their art, so you can see what I am talking about:

Renee of Peaberry Designs
Being creative has made me happy for as long as I can remember. Making things look purdy is what I do. Once I discovered the world of mixed media I knew I had found my bliss. 

Nolwenn of Inner Worlds
I am a daydreamer. a believer. a self-proclaimed Gratitude Warrior. mom of 2 girls. spouse of the bestest man on Earth. a Practical Reiki Master. a positivist. I am a bookaholic. a Creator. a music listener. an ARTIST, specialized in mixed media paintings.

And here I am:

Joyelle of Joyelle Brandt Creations
I believe the three most important things in this life are love, kindness and gratitude. My dream is to be a beacon of light, inspiring others to pursue their passions. I hope that viewing my work connects you to your true purpose in life and reminds you of your inherent right to joy.

And here are a couple of my recent additions to my shop:

I Believe
So stop by and visit our shops before July 1 to see what you want to put in your shopping cart! Remember, you can use the code CANADA15 in any of our shops to get your 15% discount July 1 only! Happy Canada Day!

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