Friday, June 21, 2013

Virtual Kindness

This is my simple religion. 
There is no need for temples; 
no need for complicated philosophy. 
Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; 
the philosophy is kindness.
Dalai Lama

I know it has been a while since I wrote a Kindness Mama post. I have been continuing my kindness missions, big and small, but haven't had time to write about them. But lately I have been thinking about our online community and how we can use these different mediums to spread our kindness message. So here is my Virtual Acts of Kindness guide, broken down by platform:

Do you know someone who could use a little virtual love bombing? Maybe someone who is going through a rough time right now? Coordinate a love-bomb for them. Here's how: Go to your friends Facebook page and look at the Friends section. You will see something that says ### Friends (## mutual). For the quick and easy version you can just message all the mutual friends in a group message, for the extended version you can add some of the non-mutual friends by clicking on their profile and choosing the message tab. Ask everyone to post a message or photo to your friend's Facebook wall on a specific day, or even at a specific time. A few theme ideas are to ask everyone to send a joke or link to a funny YouTube video to cheer someone up, to get everyone to take funny face pictures of themselves, or to get everyone to send their favourite inspirational quote. In just a few minutes you have found a way to let someone know that whatever they are going through, they are not alone in it.

Who wouldn't be cheered up by this?
Think about the many people in your Twitter network and ask yourself, who should meet each other? Send a Twitter message along the lines of "Hi @singergirl, you should check out @wickeddj. I think you would really love him." You never know, you could be making just the connection that person needs.

So you can't always send real flowers, but it's easy to send a virtual bouquet with Instagram! Email it to your friend with a little note letting you know you are thinking of her.

Send a friend a text telling her what you love about her. Tell her she has the shiniest hair, the coolest laugh, the best taste in restaurants. Whatever you love about him/her, big or small. Make a list of all the ways he/she is AWESOMESAUCE. For bonus points, send the list in individual texts throughout the day.

If you have any other ideas for Virtual Kindness, please let me know. And if you enact any of these kindness missions, I would love to hear how they went!

Have a beautiful day :)

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