Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creepy Hats

Ok, so I don't actually have a creepy hats picture. I have a Creepy picture for the Collage Obsession Challenge, and a Hats picture for the Three Muses Challenge. Although it would be cool if I had managed to combine those!

So the Collage Obsession Creepy picture is called Industrialization:

This image was made using the same technique I used for Lost in Beauty and Polyrhythm. I made a mask of a skull in Illustrator from a clip-art skull I found online, then layered that over some graffitied concrete. The lower layers are peeling paint and metal fencing which was around some building supplies. I used Kim Klassen's scratch textures to further grunge it up, and then added a flower that my husband had photographed for the eyes.

Now for the Three Muses challenge, Fairy #4, in what I plan to be a series of 12, titled Unlikely Friendship. You will have to click on the image to get a closer view so you can read the story. I love the idea that I am wearing a hat, and the horse is wearing me like a hat! I sooo love being a fairy!

Click on the following to see Fairies #1, #2 and #3.

Since starting this blog, I have been having more fun and been more inspired than ever in the past. I journalled last night about how it feels like all the threads of my past experience are now being woven together into an exciting new direction for my life. All the projects I have done, all the things that I have learned, the meandering path that I have taken has led me to this place full of passion, creativity, and joy. I am embracing my life's purpose as a creator, and no longer wonder what else I should be doing with my life. What a gift! Whether I am recording in the music studio or painting in the art studio (yes, I am working on a series of paintings, but those aren't ready to show yet!) I feel filled with light. So I guess what I want to say is Thank you universe!

Hope you are doing that thing that makes you happy, whatever it may be!



  1. Really creepy, but wonderful take on this theme.

  2. I agree with Silvia above, very original!

  3. What a fab, truly integrated hat. It is spooky though!

  4. A very unique and beautiful entry Joyelle...love the story.

  5. Quite the unique hat!!! You as the hat have an other-worldly appearance! Creative to a T!

  6. No wonder George doesn't care, just look at his pretty friend.

  7. Lucky George to have such a lovely fairy friend! Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as your art. Well done!

  8. Very fun and original take on the hats theme! George is one lucky horse!

  9. That horse image is just fantastic!

  10. What a remarkable, creative and entirely unique design!! I love the idea of George wearing you like a hat and I have enjoyed scrolling through your blog which is so full of great goodies.
    I like your "industrialisation" too - a combination of nature and scariness. Fantastic.